Bankruptcy Information for Intermedia Publishing Group's Chapter Seven Filing
This site is not intended to offer specific legal advice. Only your attorney can provide that service. This site is designed to provide you access to the documents and any common-sense suggestions that have been culled from others. This site is not affiliated with Intermedia Publishing Group nor any of the law firms or agencies involved in the chapter 7 filing and related complaints.

Notification of Deactivated Content

We have chosen to take down most of the content on this site. You may contact the Phoenix Bankruptcy Court at 602-682-4000 for more information about the bankruptcy filing.

We've left the Judges order up since it remains the only item of use to authors seeking control of their books and commissions and the general bankruptcy information since it is publically available on numerous public and government websites.

Why? We are still getting numerous inquiries but our work is done and we wish Mr. Davis the best in his resolution of this matter.

These are resources that may be of help. Click on the text to read.

Resources Moved to Paperclip Press


SPECIAL NOTE CONCERNING THIS SITE: We have chosen to largely scale back the site content and leave only the core information about the bankruptcy.

The site had only one purpose and that was to aggregate public information that was not easily available. The mission expanded when we had a chance to help authors recover books and to get involved in making sure the order of abandonment was sufficiently broad enough to allow authors to recover their property. I had no secondary motives beyond helping the many authors who contacted me.

Mr. Davis has frequently attacked us and others involved with the publication for which we engaged him. Specifically:

  • He claims he has no other corporations. One of particular interest is the Larry David Foundations for Kids formed just before the C7 Filing. Click here for the corporate report at the Arizona Corporation Commission. While it appears he is trying to close this corporation, it nonetheless exists and he formed it.
  • He claims that we owe him money. We invite those interested to look at Pacer to review the claims. Of particularly interest is that the money he claims we owe him (but of of course we would owe the trustee) was never reported as income or debt in the bankruptcy.
  • He claims he didn't repost the Intermedia website at a newly registered domain. Click here for a screen capture. The domain record, server status, and related information was also documented.
  • He viciously attacked us and the individuals involved with the publication of the book "Officer's Oath." The reader needs to understand that all of Larry's accusations are patently false and unwarranted and that nothing he has stated is true.

Our initial work...

  • Served to inform the many authors abandoned by the bankruptcy
  • Helped return books to the authors
  • And helped secure a clear order concerning intellectual property.

All of these were accomplished. 

We feel our work has ended and the case needs to run its course through the courts.

If you have concerns about the filing we suggest you have your attorney contact the parties listed on the Information page and take action based on their advice.

See the items on the left menu for more information.

It has been so encouraging to speak to so many of you directly. Many of you have sent me your books and I have enjoyed them. As a group you've been an inspiration to me with your verve and energy and willingness to write about subjects that matter to you. Thank you.